Argam Flexible packaging LTD specializes in production and printing of single and multi-layer packages in rolls from plastic materials, extrusion-lamination, specialized flexible packaging solutions and paper coating and printing.

Argam’s products are in use in a variety of fields - food industry, consumables, chemicals, pharmaceutical and more.

Established  2008, Argam is a merger between several Israeli converters who contributed their knowledge and experience in order to bring the latest standards of the industry into the Israeli market.
Technological innovation
Unique product solutions
Quality  & Service
We at Argam believe that in order to be an indusry leader, a factory must look for the most modern equipment in the market. Argam has several state of the art CI presses, multi-layer laminators and unique tailor-made slitters ;  Our people are constantly looking for new developmetns, scoutning for innovaitive technollogies in exhebitions around the globe, in order to know the newst equipment avaiable (and expcted), and it's compatibility to the requirments  of the factory and the needs of the market.
Our R&D department can answer any special need raised by our customers. Printing on special materials, complexed laminate structures  and compatibility to  food dispensing machines.  As the food market becomes more and more competitive, the food companies all wish to offer their products to the customer in a unique package, which will create an interest for the end-customer, while keeping their product fresh and tasty. We can design and deliver surprising solutions, as we do  for all of the leading food brands.
Uncompromised quality and service are part of all production process at Argam. Our QA department is taking all measures in order to ensure  the quality and reliability of our products. Our chain-of-supplly  completes this attitude with a fast, customer oriented service, assuring the whole sale process will be done efficiently, while maintain a good and friendly atmosphere. Our factory is ISO9001 and FSSC22000 certified for industrial  and food safety managment standards, and also has a Nestle approval, which ensures compilation with the highest standards of food production industries. | | Tel:  +972-3-9610585  | Fax:+972-3-9610575 | 10 Hapeled St.  Holon 5881110| P.O.Box 1815 Holon 5811702| vat :511254450