​Established  2008, Argam is a merger between Atifon Industries and Barhum Plastic Packages  which use to work separately in the flexible packaging industry.

Argam has made a strategic commitment to continuously elevate the efficiency of the production process in order to get to the customer with relatively significant advantages including attractive prices.  
Argam is using the professional knowledge gathered over the years at the company and at the raw material suppliers (international suppliers from the first line), and thanks to the high skills and vast knowledge of the working staff (which includes printers, laminator workers and customer relation people), assists the customer to get a high quality product according to his demands.

What is true professionalism?
Choosing the right type of plate according to the package material, colors and number of layers.
Accurate matching of the ink quantities and color-mixing relations in order to achieve an exact outcome.
Examining the plate’s ware-off after each job in order to choose the right time to replace it.
Choosing the right combination of the different layers and the adhesive that glues them together.
Matching the package to the customer’s needs, the packed product, the packaging machine and to  general requirements of visibility which will assist the customer to sell his product and will make the product stand-out among other products on the shelf, all that while maintaining a reasonable budget.

When to choose Flexo printing?
The Flexo printing method has made a big progress during the last few years. Due to that progress it is possible today to achieve very high quality printing, almost similar to gravure and offset printing.
Argam has been leading the flexo market for many years and has the latest and most advance developments in that field.
The flexo method allows the customer to cut on his marketing expenses as it enables him to make short runs for new series of products, or for one-time special deals, and still look attractive and fresh on the shelf.
Usually the customer’s demand is to look for a new product. Using flexo printing makes it available, easy and at a relatively low cost.
When you need an urgent job and the schedule depends only on the availability of printing substrate and the production plan.
Flexo printing allows you to print on almost any kind of material: paper, carton, plastic and aluminum, at all kind of different sizes. 

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